Day 16 :: 5 February 2007 :: Philomath to Bremerton

aka "Home again, home again"

We kind of slept in, but got up at a relatively decent time and took to the road to go home. We were definitely antsy at that point. We were making really good time, so didn't get the opportunity to stop and have lunch with Lorre. We did stop at the Del Taco in Vancouver, WA. I was rather unimpressed. Their chicken was kinda yuck, and their prices were much higher than CA or OR. After that, it was literally just a matter of pointing the Tribeca toward home and getting the hell home. We were home by mid-afternoon, and the cats were more than happy to see us. Granted, they were a bit pissy, but they still happily accepted any loving we could give them.

We took some pics of the OMG!packed Tribeca, before and after unloading her into the garage, as well as shots of all the crap we'd unloaded as it sat in the garage. After that, it was pretty much a matter of just relaxing and realizing we were home finally.

The trip was very long and very fun. I'd so do it again. There were a lot of really fun things we did, and a lot of things we missed out on. I can't wait to redo this trip with Lorre and Will, even parts of it, next year for his 7th birthday.

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