Day 10 :: 30 January 2007 :: Long Beach to Ventura

aka "It never rains in California!"

So we woke up to find it raining. And not just a little rain, it was POURING! There were even bits of hail/sleet mixed in! We joked about wondering if we'd actually left Washington state at all. We had a nice breakfast at The Park Pantry before heading down to Huntington Beach again to meet up with Bonnie for lunch at the Ruby's out on the pier.

While we were there, we got to see pelicans hunting, and the usual crows, seagulls, and cormorants. And I got to spot a pod of Pacific dolphins! There were maybe half a dozen of them. I'd been watching a cormorant flying out toward the horizon when I saw them. I thought it was so kewl! Jenn saw the whales first, I saw the dolphins first.

We got a few more souvenirs before heading out of town toward Ventura. We had a crappy internet connection in our motel, but we splurged and got a suite with 2 separate bedrooms. Very nice!

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